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What Are Some of the Different Types of Heat Exchangers?

January 20th, 2022

A heat exchanger makes it possible for heat from a gas or liquid to pass through another fluid without the two coming into contact with one another directly. While heat exchangers perform the same job, there are various types with different applications. Once you know the different types of heat exchangers you will be able to determine which is right for your application.

Fin-and-Tube Heat exchangers

A fin-and-tube heat exchanger uses thin fins made of a material such as aluminum with tubes running through them. One medium flows through the tubes and transfers heat to or from the medium running over the fins. These heat exchangers are the most compact and efficient method to transfer heat between a gas and a liquid. IHT specializes in these type of heat exchangers.

Finned Tube Heat Exchangers

A finned tube heat exchanger uses tube with circular fins bonded to the tube surface. These heat exchangers are typically used in gas-to-liquid heat transfer is required and thicker materials are necessary due to application requirements. They are not as compact or efficient as the fin-and-tube type heat exchangers but are generally more effective at dealing with mechanical fatigue and corrosion.

Double Tube Heat Exchangers

A double tube heat exchanger works with one tube inside another tube. One fluid flows through the inner pipe and the second fluid flows around that pipe within the outer pipe. This allows the two to interact without mixing together.

Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

A shell and tube heat exchanger features a number of tubes inside a cylindrical shell. This type of heat exchanger works well with a variety of temperatures and pressures.

Tube in Tube Heat Exchangers

Tube in tube heat exchangers are made of two tubes. The tubes are coiled together to form an inside and outside pattern. This type of heat exchanger is compact and works with high pressure and high temperature with great efficiency.

Plate Heat Exchangers

The plate heat exchanger is different from all other types of heat exchangers. It uses metal plates to transfer the heat between the two liquids. The plate is a metal shell with spaces inside that make it possible for the fluid to travel through. This is the most efficient design for liquid to liquid heat transfer.

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