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Gas Turbine Inlet Air Chilling Coils from IHT

At Industrial Heat Transfer, Inc., we design and manufacture chilling coils for a vast array of turbine applications. Our turbine inlet chilling coils are built for longevity and performance. Choose IHT coils to keep your turbine inlet cooling system operating at maximum efficiency for years to come.

Benefits of Turbine Inlet Chilling Coils

When ambient air temperatures are high, combustion turbines experience a significant loss of power output. Turbine inlet chilling coils cool the air, which prevents this power loss, providing benefits including:

  • Efficiency: A high-quality turbine inlet cooling system enhances the turbine’s output, sometimes even beyond its rated capacity.
  • Economy: The higher power output caused by turbine inlet chilling coils can lead directly to cost savings on fuel and improved profit margins.
  • Sustainability: The more efficient a turbine is, the more environmentally friendly it becomes, because it uses less energy to do more. This allows for resource conservation and pollution reduction.

Why Choose IHT?

When you need a turbine inlet chilling system, look no further than IHT. We serve a wide range of industries with our high-quality coils, which offer superior durability and performance.

Features for Superior Durability

  • Thicker casing material with more cross member support structures
  • Continuous welds in all instances, no tack welds
  • Sigma Casing for increased rigidity

Features for Superior Performance

  • Our Sigma casing allows more fin surface in the standard filter house footprint.
  • Thicker fin material with denser fin packs while still meeting pressure drop requirements.

Learn More About Turbine Inlet Cooling from IHT

If you want to learn more about turbine inlet cooling, or if you want help finding the right chilling solution for your system, contact Industrial Heat Transfer, Inc. today. Our team of experts will assist with all of your heat exchanger needs. Call us at 608.452.3103 or send an email to

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