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Heat Exchanger Repair Service

We Offer Extensive Heat Exchanger Repair Services

At Industrial Heat Transfer, Inc., we pride ourselves on being a top heat exchanger manufacturer serving multiple businesses across the country. To back up our robust line of heat exchanger units, we also offer extensive heat exchanger repair services and support for all our customers.

As an ASME certified shop with current R stamp, IHT can repair your ASME stamped units and maintain ASME compliance.

Whether you have an old heater core that needs work, a leaking recuperator, a failing intercooler system or any heat exchange unit that needs refurbishment— our staff of experienced professionals at Industrial Heat Transfer (IHT) are more than happy to help.

We get companies up and running quickly, with solutions that are built to last.

Our quality repair services include the following:

  • Plugging tube circuits
  • Repairing welds
  • Replacing tube fin bundles
  • Cleaning and straightening fin sections
  • Tube sheet painting and sealing
  • Resurfacing and recoating
  • Pressure testing
  • ASME R Stamp

We Don’t Just Fix Problems; We Identify the Source of Them

All service repair and support service offered here at IHT is designed around incorporating lasting solutions to common problems in the heat exchanger space. We understand the large financial undertaking involved in many of these systems, and work to help our customers keep their equipment working at peak performance for many years to come. While some small faults and failures may seem arbitrary—they can all add up quickly! Do not let a few undiagnosed repairs lead to an entire system failure.

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Combining our impressive team of thermal engineers, our 15,000 square foot facilities and 35 years of experience in the industry makes us an ideal choice for companies looking for heat exchanger repair services that not only meet, but exceed your needs.

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