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IHT: ASME Certified Heat Exchangers

November 20th, 2023 | iht-admin

IHT Is ASME Certified When you partner with Industrial Heat Transfer, Inc., you can rest assured that you are getting industry leading service. We have been designing and manufacturing, and repairing heat exchangers for over 35 years, and are proud to be ASME certified.  Our ASME Pressure Vessel Stamps IHT currently holds the following ASME […]

Steam Coils: Applications and Benefits

October 25th, 2023 | iht-admin

At Industrial Heat Transfer, we offer several different types of heat exchangers, each with their own unique advantages. One of these is the steam coil. Steam coils are a common heat transfer solution perfect for a broad range of applications.  How Do Steam Coils Work? As a heating solution, steam coils are fairly simple and […]

Benefits of Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

October 10th, 2023 | iht-admin

Air cooled heat exchangers (sometimes called fin fan heat exchangers) work by passing air over conductive fins that are mechanically bonded to tubing  carrying process fluids to dissipate the heat. They are a popular choice for a broad range of industrial applications because of their many useful features and benefits. Electrical power providers have been […]

Choosing a Heat Exchanger Manufacturer

September 22nd, 2023 | iht-admin

Choosing a heat exchanger manufacturer to supply you with the equipment you need is an important task. When doing so, you must take several factors—such as products offered, industries served, and overall trustworthiness—into consideration.  Products Offered Many different products fall under the heat exchanger equipment umbrella. When deciding on a manufacturer, you should make sure […]

Intercoolers and Aftercoolers for System Efficiency

September 15th, 2023 | iht-admin

Air compressors play an essential role in many industrial processes. However, they also generate excessive amounts of heat, which—if you don’t take the proper precautions—can cause damage to your more sensitive pieces of equipment. Fortunately, air compressor intercoolers and aftercoolers can help you circumvent this problem.  What is an Intercooler? An air compressor intercooler is […]

The Benefits of a Turbine Inlet Chilling System

April 12th, 2023 | iht-admin

Is your gas turbine operating at peak efficiency? If you don’t have a turbine inlet chilling system, then the answer is probably no. Installing a high quality turbine inlet chilling system, like those offered by Industrial Heat Transfer, leads to more efficient combustion of natural gas and the resulting cost savings.  What is a Turbine […]

Heat Exchanger Maintenance: We Make it a Priority

March 14th, 2023 | iht-admin

Like any piece of equipment, a heat exchanger needs to be properly maintained in order to operate at peak performance. As an ASME certified shop with a current R stamp,  Industrial Heat Transfer, Inc. can repair your ASME stamped units while maintaining ASME compliance. We aim to make system maintenance as easy as possible for […]

Common Industrial Applications for Heat Exchangers

February 24th, 2023 | iht-admin

Heat is a major concern in a lot of different industries. Depending on the process, too much heat—or not enough—could be disastrous. That’s why heat exchangers are so crucial for so many different industrial applications. What is a Heat Exchanger? Broadly speaking, heat exchangers are pieces of equipment that transfer thermal energy in the form […]


February 9th, 2023 | iht-admin

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers, also known as Fin Fan Heat Exchangers, are one of the most common types of industrial heat exchangers on the market today due to their low maintenance and operating costs. These heat exchangers operate by passing air over a conductive fin surface and transferring heat to or from a fluid flowing through conductive […]

How do Steam Coils Work?

November 4th, 2022 | iht-admin

Steam coils commonly are used to heat large commercial and industrial spaces with exceptionally large heat loads, but how do they work, and why should you use them? Steam coils heat air, or another type of gas, by moving the air across a bank of finned tubes.  The steam is contained in the tubes, while […]