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Motor And Generator Coolers

Overheated electric motors and generators can be inefficient, less effective and even dangerous when pushed to extremes. If you have a large generator or electric motor you know will be exposed to intense heat, Industrial Heat Transfer, Inc. offers both electric motor and electric generator coolers for your business’s unique application. Using either air cooled or hydrogen cooled designs, our systems help bring optimum efficiency, performance, and improved reliability for your electric motor application.

Experienced Motor and Generator Cooler Manufacturers

IHT has a long history of manufacturing motor and generator coolers for manufacturers of TEWAC generators and motors. We offer double tube designs, low static designs, and conformance to military specifications. Our 35 years of combined experience allows us to create direct replacements for your existing cooler, or to engineer a new solution for any type of large industrial motor or generator in need of cooling. Through advanced computer aided design models and manufacturing techniques, our custom capabilities are unmatched in our industry.

Invest in Efficiency

Manufacturing and industrial plants around the globe rely on various electric motors and generators to keep their operations running smoothly. Help aid these high-performance machines with motor and generator coolers from Industrial Heat Transfer, Inc. Our motor and generator cooler systems help maintain the performance and efficiency of your equipment and are an investment in its longevity.

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