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At the base of every IHT solution is a mechanically expanded continuous plate fin heat exchanger that is built to last. Whether it be ASME/PED MILSPEC or your spec, IHT means quality.

Mechanical Expansion 

Each and every tube is expanded by pneumatically forcing a metal expanding ball down the length of the tube. This provides an expansion that is accurate and uniform across the entire tube ensuring a quality fin-tube bond and guaranteed high performance.

Continuous Plate Fins 

IHT's continuous fin surface gives the highest performance, the lowest pressure drop and the most compact footprint of the different heat exchanger technologies. We can also offer exotic metals when your situation requires it. We have a number of proprietary fin technologies to give each application the best possible performance within the required operating conditions. You'll find many people to throw together a cheap, bulky low performing spiral wrapped tube bundle, but only IHT can give you the quality heat exchanger guaranteed to meet or exceed your performance requirements.

Cast Headers 

We offer a wide variety of  cast headers in many different material options. Our removable castings allow for better cleanability by providing direct access to the tubes without having to cut and re-weld.

Just unbolt, clean, rebolt and you are done! Easy field cleaning means longer coil life and more efficient service.

IHT Quality

While our competitors sacrifice quality, durability and ease of use to reduce costs, IHT builds the coils that will serve you best.

  • We improve durability by continuous welding, we don't cut corners by spot welding.
  • We increase rigidity with thick casings, we don't make flimsy units with thin sheet metal
  • We increase surface area and performance with our proprietary sigma case design, we don't leave air gaps and decrease performance to save material
  • IHT guarantees our coils for the long term
  • IHT works with clients to solve problems that arise, whether we are the source of them or not

If you want performance, compactness and reliability, let us help you make an IHT coil part of your heat transfer solution.

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