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Steam Coils: An Efficient Solution for Heating Large Commercial and Industrial Spaces

A common method for heating large commercial and industrial spaces, steam coils work to heat a permeable grate of aluminum, copper, or stainless-steel fins though a series of horizontal steam coils. As the name suggests, the heat generated by these horizontal steam coils is generated through the condensing of steam, resulting in latent heat being released. This is an exceptionally efficient way of heating a space and is a popular option for large spaces with an exceptionally large heat load.

  • Steam coil heating systems are used in a variety of applications including:
    • Boiler Air Preheating
    • Paper Machine Ventilator Coils
    • Unit Heaters
    • Power Boiler
    • Dryer
    • Space Heaters

We offer a full line of modulated and non-modulated steam coils manufactured, in a variety of materials.

Modulated Steam Distribution

  • Optimizes steam distribution and adds freeze protection
  • Allows temperature control by modulating steam flow
  • High performance with low to high pressure steam
  • Reduces condensate hold-up and tube failure
  • Accelerates condensate removal
  • Increases heat transfer efficiency
  • Creates uniform leaving temperature over entire coil face

Multiple materials and configurations

  • More economical
  • High performance
  • Low airside pressure drop
  • Low airside fouling

Save Time & Money

Steam coil heating methods rely on the condensing of steam, and the release of latent heat, allowing for a constant heating source that responds more quickly, with less fluctuations than a traditional water-based system. The end result is the ability to heat a space using less energy and in less time.

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