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Intelligently Designed Waste Heat Recovery Heat Exchangers

Heat and energy waste are big factors in both the efficiency and environmental impact of a company’s operations. A waste heat recovery heat exchanger helps aid in the process of heat integration. These units reuse excess heat energy that would otherwise be disposed of or released into the atmosphere in the form of steam or smoke. By using a waste heat recovery heat exchanger, these industrial applications are able to reduce their energy use and costs, along with their CO2 emissions—all while improving their production efficiency and bottom line.

Used across numerous industrial and commercial applications, the heat exchanger systems offered through Industrial Heat Transfer are designed for applications where a large volume of low-pressure gas is being handled by a round duct or pipe.

The IHT Advantage

  • Every unit can be custom tailored to meet any application needs
  • Capability to withstand high temperatures
  • Meet high performance standards
  • Low gas side pressure drop
  • Low gas fouling

Environmentally Friendly Units

Industrial processing and manufacturing plants around the world rely on waste heat recovery heat exchanger systems to improve their efficiency and lessen their environmental impact. As pushes for reduced emissions continue to advance, investing in an energy-efficient solution for heat waste is a viable option to keep your business green and affordable to run for years to come.

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