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Industrial Heat Exchangers Equipment Manufacture

Industrial Heat Transfer, Inc. serves a wide variety of industries with our high quality industrial heat exchangers. Thanks to our technical expertise and broad range of capabilities, we can manufacture equipment that is perfectly suited for even the most challenging applications.

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Power Generation and Public Utilities

IHT, Inc. manufactures gas turbine heating and chilling coils perfect for use in the power generation and public utilities industries.

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At IHT, Inc. we provide generator coolers and other equipment for use in military applications. We have the expertise and certifications we need to meet the strict technical requirements of this industry.

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Industrial Manufacturing

IHT, Inc. makes products for a vast array of industrial manufacturing applications. Our waste heat recovery units, steam coils, compressor intercoolers, compressor aftercoolers, fan coolers, and fluid coils are particularly sought after in this sector.

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Food Processing

Steam coils from IHT, Inc. are well suited for a wide range of applications within the food processing industry.

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Pulp and Paper Manufacturing

IHT, Inc. serves the pulp and paper manufacturing industry by providing products like steam coils for use in industry applications.

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Chemical Processing

At IHT, Inc., we manufacture a variety of products, including steam coils and fluid coils, for use in the chemical processing industry.

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