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Gas Turbine Inlet Air Heating Coil Manufacturer

The temperature of air entering in gas turbines used for power generation must be precisely controlled to optimize air conditions and meet performance targets.

This is a particular challenge in climates with wintry weather. Cold humid air and precipitation can cause ice formations on the turbine blades, damaging them and leading to extensive downtime and costly repairs. In addition to preventing ice, filter houses with IHT’s anti-icing coils allows for more precise control of inlet air temperature increasing the efficiency of your gas turbine overall.

As an industry-leading turbine inlet air heating coil manufacturer, many filter house manufacturers look to Industrial Heat Transfer’s high-quality inlet air heating coils to ensures that ice crystals don’t form—even in the worst of weather conditions.

IHT’s coils deliver cost-savings, system-protection, and optimized performance. IHT’s coils are bult to outlast and outperform the competition every time—ensuring that your power generating system performs at maximum efficiency with less downtime.

While our competitors sacrifice quality, durability and ease of use to reduce costs, IHT builds the coils that will serve you best.

  • We use a continuous welding process that offers greater durability over spot welding.
  • We increase rigidity with thick casings. We don’t make flimsy units with thin sheet metal.
  • We increase surface area and performance with our proprietary Sigma case design. We don’t leave air gaps and decrease performance to save material.
  • IHT guarantees our coils for the long term.
  • IHT works with clients to solve problems that arise, whether we are the source of them or not.

IHT Advantages

  • Superior durability
    • Thicker casing material with more cross-member support structures
    • Continuous welds, no tack welds, in all instances
  • Superior performance
    • Our signature Sigma casing allows for more fin surface in the standard filter house footprint.
    • Our fin design allows for denser fin packs that still meet pressure drop requirements.

If you want performance, compactness and reliability from your turbine inlet heating coils manufacturer, the professionals at IHT are your solution.

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