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Performance Focused Turbine Inlet Chilling

Gas turbine performance and efficiency largely depends on ambient temperature. When overheated, these turbines can suffer, losing upwards of 30% of their intended power output. This is where a turbine inlet chilling system is put to use. Installed at the filter intakes, an inlet cooling system use a series of chilling coils to recover any losses in power output and cool all inlet air before it reaches the turbine compressor. At Industrial Heat Transfer, we specialize in the designing and manufacturing of chilling coils for many different turbine applications.

Our coils outlast and outperform the competition every time. Let the benefits of an IHT coil make your chilling package perform at maximum efficiency.

IHT Advantages

  • Superior durability
    • Thicker casing material with more cross member support structures
    • Continuous welds in all instances, no tack welds
  • Superior performance
    • Our Sigma casing allowing more fin surface in the standard filter house footprint.
    • Thicker fin material with denser fin packs while still meeting pressure drop requirements.

The Numbers Don’t Lie – Contact Us to Find Out More

Research has shown the cost benefits of installing a turbine inlet chilling system, with the price per kilowatt being around 70% lower than installing a new turbine system with comparable power outputs. If you are ready to achieve greater efficiency out of your gas turbine, Industrial Heat Exchanger, Inc. is happy to help! We offer top-quality, custom solutions for various industry applications—all delivered efficiently and at a competitive rate.

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