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Steam Coils: Applications and Benefits

October 25th, 2023

At Industrial Heat Transfer, we offer several different types of heat exchangers, each with their own unique advantages. One of these is the steam coil. Steam coils are a common heat transfer solution perfect for a broad range of applications. 

How Do Steam Coils Work?

As a heating solution, steam coils are fairly simple and highly effective. Here’s how they work: first, steam enters the coil and moves through the system, which consists of a series of metal tubes and fins; next, air blows over the now hot tubes and fins, heating up as it makes contact; finally, the steam condenses into water after losing its heat to the air and drains from the coil. 

Steam Coil Benefits

IHT carries modulated and non-modulated steam coils, all of which provide a bevy of benefits. 

Modulated steam coils from IHT offer: 

  • Optimized steam distribution
  • Protection against freezing
  • Precise temperature control
  • Reduced condensate hold-up and tube failure
  • Accelerated condensate removal
  • Increased heat transfer efficiency
  • Uniform leaving temperatures

Non-modulated steam coils from IHT offer: 

  • Low airside pressure drops
  • Low airside fouling
  • High performance for an economical price

Steam Coil Applications

Steam coils are excellent for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. IHT supplies steam coil heating systems to be used for boiler air preheating, paper machine ventilator coils, space heaters, unit heaters, power boilers, dryers, and more. 

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Steam coils are a smart and efficient heat transfer solution well suited for all kinds of jobs. If you need a steam coil heating system for your application, contact IHT today. We’ll set you up with the equipment you need. To get in touch, call (608) 452-3103, send an email to, or click here to fill out our online contact form. We look forward to working with you.

Steam Coil: Application and benefits