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Benefits Of Using IHT Heat Exchangers

February 14th, 2022

Mechanical Expansion

All IHT heat exchangers feature tubes which are mechanically expanded into a continuous plate fin. We pneumatically force a metal ball down the entire length of the tube ensuring consistent expansion for guaranteed tube to fin collar contact. This provides reliable heat transfer due to consistent tube to fin contact.

Continuous Plate Fins

The continuous fin surface allows for the highest performance, lowest pressure drop, and the most compact footprint of all heat exchanger technology. Exotic metals are available upon request. Various proprietary fin technologies are available to provide every application with the best performance.

Cast Headers

Industrial Heat Transfer, Inc. provides a wide range of cast headers in a number of different material options. The removable castings make it possible to clean the heat exchanger because it allows direct access to the tubes without the need to do any cutting or rewelding.

All you have to do is unbolt the headers, clean them, and then bolt them back. It is that simple. When easy field cleaning is possible, the coil will last longer and provide a more efficient service.

Unbeatable Quality

Other companies reduce costs by lowering usability, durability, and quality. Industrial Heat Transfer, Inc. coils are built better to serve better. No corners are cut with spot welding, we use continuous welding to ensure durability. Instead of flimsy sheet metal units, we build with rigid, thick casings. The proprietary sigma case design increases performance by increasing surface area and preventing air bypass.

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